The 3 WORST things you can do to your Hardwood Floor

1. DON’T steam clean your hardwood floor – Steam cleaning hardwood can create a fog effect that can de-laminate the floor finish. Steam will sit between the wood and the finish.

2. DON’T wax your hardwood floor – Once a hardwood floor has been waxed you cannot put a new coat of finish on it; it doesn’t allow for future re-coating.

3. DON’T clean your hardwood floors with Murphy’s Oil.

Carpet could cost your family their health!

Carpet could cost your family their health!
Hardwood Alleviates Allergies. Scientific Studies PROVE that Dust mites are a #1 contributor to allergies and asthma especially in young children.

These same studies state that homeowners should AVOID wall to wall carpeting to prevent a build up of dust mites. The allergens produced by house dust mites are among the most common triggers of Asthma. Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner will NOT remove dust mite allergens but instead release them into the air and increase their volatility.

Dust mite numbers can be reduced by replacing carpets with flat surfaces that are easier to vacuum and clean.

Increase Your Home’s Value!

Increase Your Home’s Value!
We all know that hardwood floors improve the chances of selling a home by 20%. They tell the buyer that the seller did not cut any costs on improvements to their home.

Hardwood floors are longer lasting and can be refinished many times. Wood is sustainable and renewable. The new trend is hard surface floors; there are a large variety to choose from and the look is easily changeable with an area rug. Exotic woods are popular as well as floors with a natural finish rather than stain. Most realtors would say that hardwood throughout is by far the best option!


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